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Written by Hazeltine National on Jun 11, 2015 9:53:50 AM

If you’re in change of planning a gala for a special cause or event, you’ll want to make it stand out. Guests are getting dressed up, and probably paying big money to attend, so you want to treat them to a little more flair, a little more glitz, and a little more glamor than an average event. You want to make them feel special. So, here are a few ways to add some elegance when you’re hosting a glamorous gala in Minneapolis.

SpecialOccasions-PurpleUplitWhiteOut.jpgThink Big

A glamorous gala needs a glamorous setting. Don’t settle for a small party room. Think about large, elegant ballrooms, fancy hotels, and beautiful banquet facilities (like Hazeltine, perhaps?), decorated with as many glamorous touches as your budget can handle—like candelabras on all the tables and centerpieces as big as your head full of fresh flowers. The more glitz the better. We’re talking about uplighting and ceiling draping, and a grand entrance decorated with elegant artwork. Set the mood for a night of glitz and glamour.

This applies to everything before the gala as well, starting with the invitation. A Facebook group invite or a pack of store-bought invitations doesn’t exactly say “formal and glamorous gala,” does it? You’ll want to make sure the invitations make a statement to your guests.

Get the best quality paper you can find, like a heavy stock or 100 percent cotton fiber variety. Come up with a design that’s bold, whether it’s a gold border, flower press or a watermark. Try to be consistent with the design for the invitation and any other printed materials like menus or RSVP cards. Get fancy, yet legible, with your font choices. Calligraphy always shouts fancy, too.

Food Is Important, Too

Anyone can have a cash bar at their event. But what about providing a signature drink for guests? Choose whatever beverage you like, then give it some extra flair by serving it in fancy glasses on silver trays. Whatever catering service you choose, have servers dressed in tuxedos roaming the room, serving your signature drinks and appetizers. Try sushi or other easy-to-eat apps.

For the actual meal, you’ll want the best fine china available. Have multiple courses for the sit-down meal, including soup, salad and dessert. Top main course options include filet mignon, lobster or fish. After the signature cocktails before dinner, you might think about serving a few select wines or champagne to go with dinner.

Consider The Cost

Knowing the expenses for the gala will help make sure ticket prices are at an appropriate level to at the very least cover the cost of each person attending. With such an elaborate and glamorous gala in mind, it likely won’t be on the cheap side. You’ll want to have a formula to figure out the cost per person.

Divide the costs of things like dinner, room rental, etc. by the number of people attending to determine the cost per person. Take into account this basic rule of thumb: Galas should pay for themselves with money to spare before a guest even shows up at the event.

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