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Written by Jan Hillius on Feb 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in your life. From the moment you say “yes,” your life is immediately overrun with a flurry of activity — from calling all your closest family and friends recounting the engagement to having your first real conversations with your partner on the amazing time to come. It really is a whirlwind.

However, once all of the dust settles, the real fun begins and the tough decisions present themselves. Before you can decide on vendors, florists, or debate about having a band or a DJ, you need to pick a venue!

Although a golf course wedding may not have crossed your mind before now, it’s worth checking out. After all, there are several unexpected benefits of a golf course wedding. Here are a few of our favorites.

Beautiful Scenery for Photo Ops

OK, so we know the scenery isn’t exactly an unexpected benefit, but it’s still worth noting in case it slipped your mind. If you’re looking for beautiful natural backdrops for your wedding day photos, there’s no better place than a golf course.

Spring will provide bright green trees that contrast well with the dark hues of the evergreens and flowers will be blooming. The trees will be at their fullest and greenest in summer. Fall will bring a spectrum of yellow, orange, and red foliage. And those dark evergreens will pop out against the snow-covered hills of the course in winter.

You’re also likely to find a scenic pond and adorable pedestrian bridge. I think nearly every course has one.

In-House Caterer and Bar Services

Planning a wedding requires making hundreds of decisions — wedding day, venue, wedding party, guest list, music, colors, dresses, centerpieces, etc. — but one decision you won’t have to make if you choose to have your reception at a golf course is catering and bar services. That’s right! One less decision.

Instead of scrolling through countless caterers online and trying to specifically hire people to tend the bar, the golf course will provide it for you. What a relief! Not only can you rest assured the decision is made for you, but you can be confident that the food will be delicious and high quality and the service will be friendly and professional.

One Day, One Location

While you might only think of a golf course as a reception venue, it can be a beautiful site for your ceremony, too.

Hosting your ceremony and reception at one site is easier on you, your wedding party, and your guests because there’s no need to travel, your belongings stay at one location, you only have to work with one staff, you get more time with your guests, setup and tear down are more seamless, and you don’t need to fund the cost of transportation between venues. Simply arrive at the golf club after your hair and makeup appointment or ask your hair stylist and makeup artist to meet you at the club. Talk about efficient!

Indoor – Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Have you been dreaming of the perfect outdoor wedding ceremony among the trees? Or would you prefer a cozy indoor ceremony in front of a fireplace? Some golf clubs offer both.

Are you hoping for an outdoor ceremony but you’re nervous Mother Nature won’t play nice? No worries. Unlike some wedding venues, many golf clubs can accommodate a change of plans on the spot, making your outdoor ceremony just as beautiful and elegant indoors.

Helpful Staff

You should never underestimate the power of excellent customer service when it comes to your wedding day. You likely spent several months planning every little detail for your special day, but when the day arrives, you don’t want to worry about any of those details yourself. That’s why you pick a venue with an extraordinary staff. And golf club staffs are some of the best in the biz.

Not only will the club staff answer any questions you have relating to the venue and processes leading up to the big day, but they’ll be onsite the day of to ensure everything runs smoothly. And they’ll also treat your guests with the utmost respect and friendliness.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, check out local golf clubs because there’s nothing like a golf course wedding in Minnesota. Happy hunting!

Jan Hillius
Sales & Catering Director

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