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Understanding Corporate Event Catering: The 4 Things You Need to Know

Written by Hazeltine National on Dec 30, 2015 4:30:05 PM

Everybody loves food. It’s often the glue that holds events together. Without food, there’s a big missing piece of the puzzle. That’s why it is important to knock the catering piece out of the park for your next event. We’ll help you understand corporate event catering with four things you need to know.

Stick with one caterer or venue

For onsite meetings, find a caterer that you really like. For off-site meetings, choose a venue that has the atmosphere and services you require. It’s a good idea to settle on one, because you could work with this service throughout the year for all your corporate events. It may sound simple, but it can really help when planning your next event.

Let’s say you have an event every month. That’s a lot of work to plan each time. With a trusted caterer or event venue, however, it will make planning a breeze from the second event on. The caterer or venue will already know about your company, your events, the style, the theme. They’ll know what you need to keep things familiar yet fresh and new.

HNGC Cobb9.jpgBe flexible with food options

Talk with your caterer or event planner about the types of food they could serve at the event.

With large events and hundreds of people, obviously it will be tough to please everybody with their favorite meal. Not enough variety could hurt your event, though. Make sure to discuss some different food options depending on people’s needs, rather than what they want. Have plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available for guests that need those.

It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with tons of options either. Good caterers should be used to accommodating a diverse palate.

Budget, budget, budget

Yes, money makes the world, and corporate events, go ‘round. It’s always important to set a budget for the food and catering at your event. It’s a good starting point, because that will determine the type of service you can afford for the event. Elegant mini dessert stations, champagne for every table, and a five-course meal might not be in the cards if the purse strings are a little tight. Having a budget in place will help your caterers find the best options for you.

Do your homework

Take a look at online reviews of your catering and venue candidates, ask for references, and make sure the caterer can provide the menu and services you need. Don’t just go with the first company you find in an online search. Take a look around to give yourself some options and a chance to compare companies. It’s important for guests to have a good impression of the event, and a big part of that is enjoying the catering services. The caterer needs to be able to deliver all the services you need with capable, friendly employees.

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