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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the founders of Hazeltine was to build and maintain a golf course suitable for the conduct of national championships. An important part of the mission was to develop a membership that supported this concept — a membership that felt a responsibility to the game of golf and its rules and traditions. Similarly, it requires the highest standards of conduct by all members and guests as they play the game.

In carrying out the mission, the Club and its membership are committed to:

  • Providing the highest level of long-term maintenance standards on the golf course, standards preferred by the most knowledgeable and competent amateur and professional golfers.

  • Selecting dedicated and competent certificate holding members of the Club to serve on the Board of Governors — men and women who will strive to ensure maximum continuity as they consider Club policies and provide direction for the professionals who are paid to manage the Golf Club.

  • Participating actively in the state and national associates that promote and protect time honored traditions of the game.

  • Providing such additional facilities that are responsive to membership needs.

  • Building and maintaining a golf course and related facilities suitable for the conduct of national championships — and maintaining the playability of the course by “fine tuning” the course as required to assure that it is, and continues to be, the preeminent golf facility in the region.

  • Operating the Golf Club using sound business principles and on a sound fiscal basis, retaining the highest caliber of management and staff.

  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive junior golf program and offering expert training and the supervised use of the Club’s facilities to junior golfers who wish to develop their skills and their understanding of the game.

  • Recruiting a membership that is supportive of the expressed mission of the Golf Club.

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Founded in 1962 on the rules and traditions of golf, Hazeltine is now the only golf club in the country to host every premier championship offered by the USGA and PGA of America. Hazeltine is the only club in the country selected to host the Ryder Cup for a second time. Hazeltine members are passionate about the game: the rules, the traditions, the sport. And they proudly support the club's mission to host major events.

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The People That Make It Possible

Eric Rule 750-750.jpg
Eric Rule

General Manager

Bob Howell.jpg
Bob Howell


Lukas Dreger
Lukas Dreger

Director Of Member Engagement

Cathy Justice 2018-2
Cathy Justice

Food & Beverage Director

Course Superintendent - Chris Tritabaugh.jpg
Chris Tritabaugh

Golf Course Superintendent

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