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Love of the Game

At Hazeltine National, our members share an unbridled passion for golf. From celebrating rich traditions to spending time with friends and family in our serene setting, our members are united by their love of the game. Watch and see what fuels the passion of Hazeltine National members.

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Details of Membership

Membership at Hazeltine is designed to appeal to individuals and families who are passionate about golf, who want unrestricted access to the course and club facilities, and who want a hospitable social environment.

Membership at Hazeltine will give you and your guests access to the top golf club and amenities in Minnesota. Hazeltine members cherish the Club's culture and rich tradition of supporting championship golf and attracting those who support this mission.

To apply for membership, candidates must be proposed by a current member. It is required that all candidates have current club members within their personal social network who may serve as a sponsor to begin the membership process.

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