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Written by Hazeltine National on Aug 23, 2016 2:08:44 PM

Holding a meeting or conference for a company has plenty of pieces in its puzzle. And the meeting space itself is definitely one of the most important. So, here are seven factors to consider when you’re selecting corporate meeting spaces.

1. Flexibility

Meetings aren’t all the same, and sometimes it can be beneficial to have options within the space you choose. Finding a facility or room with the most updated technology for presentations, movable partitions, and easy-to-move furniture can make planning your meetings much easier. Breaking up into small groups for networking or brainstorming can be done in a snap with a room that lends itself to that.

2. Coffee and Snacks

Keeping attendees alert and fueled means that a designated spot for the refreshments needs to be considered, so it won’t be a distraction during the meeting. Beverages and snacks could be set up inside the meeting room perhaps, or maybe they’d be better in the foyer or hallway just outside the room. It all depends on how refreshments will fit into the meeting schedule; they shouldn’t be a distraction to getting business done.

3. What technology provisions do you need?

This covers things like Wi-Fi (Does the space have it? Is it a strong signal, or password protected?), projector/screen availability and positioning, the number of outlets or power strips available, and how these pieces will factor into the set up of the space.

Meetings-BDRSweepingView.jpg4. The feeling of the space

What we mean here is to make sure a space is appropriate for the company and its audience. The space should provide a good and proper impression of the company and the meeting’s purpose to it those in attendance. Meeting spaces at hotels, public libraries, and private clubs all give guests different “feelings.” Hazeltine National Golf Club offers 9,000 square feet of meeting space that is a break from ordinary meeting rooms.

5. Visit beforehand

Stop by potential sites before choosing one to make sure it’s a good fit. Pay attention to the tidiness of the venue, the parking or transportation situation, the staff, and possible dining options. For example, if the space doesn’t seem well kept or you aren’t greeted in a warm, friendly way by staff, you might dodge a bullet by crossing that place off the meeting room list.

6. Budget

Decide on a budget before you start looking at locations to help narrow down the potential meeting spaces right away. However, the phrase “you get what you pay for” should be in the back of your mind. Going with a cheaper venue might cost you in other places, like perhaps there is no food service for the meeting or there are no technical requirements to help with meeting presentations. Try to find a space that has a lot of the quality elements you’ll need.

7. What’s your style?

The content or structure of the meeting will help determine the layout of room that’s necessary. Maybe a theater-style seating is the way to go, for larger groups that won’t be taking a lot of notes. Or maybe you want a conference feel with tables where participants have easy access to discuss things with one another. A classroom setup could be beneficial for presentations with smaller groups. Whatever you pick, the space will set the tone, so make sure it’s appropriate.

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