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Written by Hazeltine National on Nov 26, 2014 12:55:02 PM

A sports banquet is a great way to celebrate a team’s achievement and bring people together that have worked hard throughout the season. Festive decorations that carry the theme of the sport help elevate the evening’s excitement. One of the many options for decorating you’ll want to consider is what to do for table centerpieces. 

We’ve put together a list of ideas along with some recommendations for sports banquet centerpieces from Jan Hillius, who has plenty of experience with sports banquets as catering sales manager here at Hazeltine National Golf Club.

Build On Your Theme

The theme of the banquet should revolve around the team or sport, but there are opportunities to expand upon the obvious. There are some fun things you can do to keep it simple, inexpensive, and score big with your guests by having something special on each table.

Baseball and Softball Centerpieces

Items needed: Tall glass vases with opening large enough to fit baseballs or softballs.

Directions: Fill vases with balls, top each vase with a team cap. 

Basketball, Football and Soccer Centerpieces

Items needed: Tall glass vases with mouth opening large enough to hold a basketball or football, plus holiday ornaments with the team colors (for instance, solid purple and solid gold ornaments) – or substitute the ornaments with Hershey’s chocolate kisses in team colors.

Directions:  Fill the vases with ornaments, top each vase with either basketball or football. 

Team Bqt - Hockey Centerpiece.jpgHockey Centerpieces

Items needed: Old hockey skate, reenery/flowers, ribbon in team colors, hockey puck. A glass vase (a rectangle one works great), plastic wrap, water, cranberries, and hockey pucks.

Directions: Use blade to slice 1/2 way through the length of a hockey puck. Place skate in puck base so it is level. Use hot glue if necessary to keep skate in puck. Wrap ribbon around ankle of skate. Fill with greenery/flowers.

Height Is Right

Jan recommends using tall glass vases as centerpieces for sports banquets, because they don’t take up too much space on a table.  “When you think about centerpieces you want to make sure that people can see across the tables so if it’s tall, narrow is good,” she says. “You also want to make sure there isn’t a defined ‘front’ if you are doing round tables – you want to make sure that it’s a nice centerpiece from wherever you sit at the table.”

Think Seasonal

For additional impact, add seasonal touches around each centerpiece. For instance, Jan recommends adding a touch of burlap, birch or pinecones for winter banquets.

As an added bonus, Hazeltine National Golf Club’s catering team keeps the theme flowing with team colors for linens and napkins.

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