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10 Sales Meeting Ideas to Kick Off the New Year

Written by Hazeltine National on Feb 18, 2016 4:51:23 PM

For many people, the start of the New Year means a new beginning. Or a chance to look back at a job well done. But in the business world, it often means more sales meetings. After all, somebody has to do that planning! So, how do you make yours different – useful and hopefully memorable? Have no fear, we’ve come up with 10 sales meeting ideas to help you kick off the New Year on the right foot.

Success stories.

Everyone likes to do well and get recognized for his or her success. It’s common to incorporate awards for top sales reps into the meeting, but awards don’t always have to be for big things. Sometimes recognizing smaller tasks or even milestones goes a long way.

Change it up when it comes to sales incentives.

Because the same old things might get boring for your team. This doesn’t have to be extremely costly to the company. Everyone loves food, right? So what about offering breakfast for the winning team, food delivery, candy splurges, or a week of desserts?

puzzle.jpgStart off with something fun.

Don’t just get right into the business part of the meeting. Instead, begin with a relaxing and fun icebreaker like trivia, talking about the successes of the week (or month), or even rewarding those who arrive on time.

Choose a theme.

Most events don’t go as well without a theme behind them. Get creative with this. One example could be “a day at the ballpark.” Keep this in mind throughout the meeting, asking the teams how they can hit their sales “out of the park.” Maybe some souvenir baseball caps or jerseys could be part of the deal, too.

Keep it positive with motivation.

The sales business isn’t always easy, so it’s good to have a meeting that gives your salespeople a mental boost. Bring in a keynote speaker to pump up the group and get rid of any doubts about their sales abilities. The more positive thoughts going around, the better.

Learn the new tricks of the trade.

Everyone knows the same tips and techniques to sell; it’s what’s given them so much success already. Bring in some stats, studies, articles or other information with new ideas for selling and what may be cutting edge.

Unwind at the end of the day.

Give folks a chance to really relax, let loose and network with each other at a reception the evening of the sales meeting. It’s a good opportunity for people to compare notes about the day, or just take a breather after a high-energy day and all the information they learned at the meeting.

Keep it short.

Meetings that drag on too long or cover too much ground at once can be more counterproductive. Instead, try shorter meetings and hold them more frequently. Also, make sure the information covered is all necessary to go over in a meeting setting, rather than during regular work time.

Get input from everyone.

Hear from the sales team members themselves. Engaging the team will be beneficial for everyone, ensuring everyone is listening more attentively. It helps keep their interest in the meeting.

Getting to know you.

This might work well if you have some new members on the team. Get creative with ways to have a little fun and learn more about your co-workers. Find some clues about people on their social media profiles and turn it into a game or “Guess who_____?”

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