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How to Choose Best Place for Your Next Meeting or Event

Written by Hazeltine National on Mar 7, 2016 9:31:51 AM

Meetings shouldn’t always take place in that office conference room or supervisor’s office. It can be a good idea to change it up once in awhile and find an off-site space to help make your next meeting great. But where? Here are a few things you should know to help you choose the best gathering place for your next meeting or event.

Gallery.jpgLocation, location, location

Take a look at the list of who will attend the meeting and try to find a radius for a location that will be convenient for all. Of course, the venue will need to be available for the chosen meeting date. Or maybe the date is flexible, providing more options to choose from. Check on extras at the site and what will be available, such as technology equipment or other accommodations.

Space particulars

The layout of the meeting space could be important as well. Depending on the format of the meeting, make sure the room can meet your needs. It’s better to choose a larger space with extra room than to feel cramped together in a small space. This especially holds true if there will be a lot of moving about and networking. It’s important to make sure everyone feels comfortable. They should be focused on the meeting and not give the space a second thought.

How does it look?

The meeting space should appeal to the eye. Whether that means it’s already a beautiful room with modern furniture and perhaps a great view of the outdoors, or that it means you bring in a bunch of decorations to make it your own. Make sure the space is clean and has enough tables, chairs and whatever else you need.

Good eats

Who can forget the food? Whether it’s snacks, apps, lunch, or dinner for the meeting, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Work with the event staff to select high-quality food options to impress the guests. Maybe the meeting has a theme that the menu could follow, too. For networking meetings where guests will likely be moving around a lot, perhaps a buffet of easy-to-eat appetizers is the way to go. For longer meetings where everyone is seated at the same tables, a fancy sit-down meal could be a nice option.

Money matters

Of course, budget is always a concern. Have a price range going in, and make sure you know what the rate is (per day, per person, etc.) so there are no surprises. Don’t let an expensive location that seems out of the budget intimidate you either. Try to get the price negotiated. Maybe the location offers some discounts, perhaps for larger groups, or on slower days of the week.

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