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Certified Fitters

Our fitters are certified Titleist, Ping and Taylor Made club fitters. These systems are used to fit players, and club specifications can be converted to Callaway, Cobra and Mizuno. All club fittings include a pre-fitting player questionnaire, warm up session, player interview, and current club evaluation. Schedule a fitting 952-556-5401.

Complete Club Fitting
Fitting for all clubs except putter, Gap Analysis, Putter Fitting, Discussion of set make-up and results.
$125 - Member  $200 - Non-member 2 hours
Driver Fitting
$75 - Member  $100 - Non-member 40 minutes
Iron Fitting

$75 - Member  $100 - Non-member 40 minutes
Wedge Fitting
Gap Analysis, Discussion of wedges and results.
$75 - Member  $100 - Non-member 40 minutes
Putter Fitting
$50 - Member  $100 - Non-member 30 minutes